Jarokay Cavaliers 
Breeder of Health tested , Quality, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels


General info on the breed

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have a gentle nature and are extremely good with children. They are eager to please, highly affectionate, crave attention and love, and love all in the family unconditionally, thus should not be bought as guard dogs.

The dog is fairly small, and is thus happy in any home, or small abode such as flats. However they are derived from hunting dogs, and thus need to stretch their legs and run. And wow can they run !

They need daily exercise, and a good walk is important. We tend to use leashes because if they start to chase something, you will never catch them. These little cuties, after some serious exercise, if tired, will simply sit down, give you an adoring look, and then expect you to carry them home.

However there are things to watch for.
  • These dogs will shed a fair amount of hair in spring.
  • They also, like all other dogs, have some health problems. This is why good breeding is so important, and why we investigate and take seriously, blood lines, and existing health conditions in the families of the dogs with which we breed.
  • These dogs have soft silky coat and need regular brushing espcially the ears.
love A constant sight - hugging these dogs.
sleeping Very tired after a long walk to the park, and playing with dozens of childen
lap Humans make very good pillows