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Our Grand Champion - Spanish Boy "Gunner"

Jarokay and Siobhan Ralston have imported

Jack Dawson De Los Ursidos Kodiak at Jarokay (IMP Spain) "Gunner"

our really big and cuddly male from Spain.

Gunner is an incredible loving dog, who loves nothing better than to jump up onto your lap and make big hugs and kisses. He does not realize that he is a big dog, and still thinks he is a cute puppy and should be treated as such.
Gunner was bred by Judith Echazarra from Seville Spain, and comes from a lineage of multi-champions where his father and mother are world champions. See their kennel De Los Uridos Kodiak. So far Gunner is unbeaten for dog CC and best Cavalier puppy.

His father is

CH Gayhalo Roulette

Crufts Qualified 2015 and 2016, Champion of Portugal, Champion of Morocco, Champion of Gibraltar, Champion of Spain, Champion of Finland, Iberian Champion, Portugal Grand Champion, Top Cavalier of Year 2013, 2014, 2015 Portugal

His mother is

CH Gone With the Wind of Sevijean's

Crufts Qualified 2013 and 2016, Gibraltar Junior Champion, Spanish Junior Champion, Gibraltar Champion, Iberian Champion, Lisboa Puppy Winner, Spanish Champion, French Champion, Portuguese Champion, FCI international Champion, won best of Breed at 9 months

Jarokay works together with Seekem to ensure Gunner is available for stud duties.



Gunner's family tree
Gunner family tree